Gardening Club: re start Thursday March 2nd 2017 (10am - noon)

                            and subsequent 1st Thursdays

Project to restore the Little Lime Walk

Working parties continuing every 3rd Thursday each month

on the next stages of replanting and maintainance

 f you can spare some time, meet by the Italian garden

All tools provided, but bring stout foot wear/ wellies!


Friends of Towneley Park Gardening Club

The first meeting of the Gardening Club, working with Steve Wood (Head Gardener) was held on February 17th 2011. The first task was preparing an area by the Offshoots entrance ready for planting with heritage and sensory plants planned by Cherry the landscape officer.

Other early activities was weeding around the new rhododendrons by the Italian garden, and weeding and edging the formal beds.

In November 2011, the club agreed to be involved in the Offshoots Black Bee project by helping to establish suitable wild flowers and shrubs  in areas around the Park to provide suitable nectar sources for the bees to forage.
2013/14 We are now renovating the Rotary Club bed by the War Memorial.Plants and shrubs funded by Burnley Rotary Club.
New planting is also in progress in the bed near the Stables Cafe.

Himalayan Balsam Working Party

Himalayan Balsam

Throughout early summer 2012, a working party
picked Himalayan Balsam around the park,
before it seeded, to eradicate this pesky weed.
The campaign to get rid of the balsam continues. 

 Download a leaflet, produced in May 2012, which gives details of the campaign.
Contact us to get involved.

FEEDING THE BIRDS Throughout the winter the Friends will be keeping the bird feeders in the trees by the Riverside car park well stocked with nuts and seeds . Nut hatch, blue tits, chaffinch, sparrows and dunnocks are regular visitors, spotted by people sitting in their cars or on the nearby picnic tables. Over the summer months the birds will be able to find sufficient food in the fields, hedgerows and parkland and some seeds are not appropriate when the birds are feeding their young, so our bird feeding programme will be discontinued until the autumn.

Please note that it is NOT good to feed bread to wild birds, ducks, geese or squirrels. Not only does it encourage rats, it is not good for the birds or the pond!