The East Lancashire Ornithologists’ Club's website is a good place to get the latest information about any rare birds that occasionally visit Towneley. You can also browse through their records as far back as January 2008. They also has a good collection of photographs.

More Towneley bird photographs like these by Wildaboutburnley and naturalhistoryman can be found at

waxwing feeding on Rowan, Towneley Park, Burnley in November 2004 Albino blackbird, June 15 2009

feeding on Rowan
photograph taken by Wildaboutburnley

Turdus merula albino
photograph taken by Graham Gavaghan

Woodcock at Towneley, December 20th 2010  Greater Spotted Woodpecker, Towneley June 6th 2009

Scolopax rusticola
photograph taken by Graham Gavaghan

Dendrocopos major
 photograph taken by Graham Gavaghan